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2794 Posey Connected Twice-as-Tough® Cuffs - Connected wrist, bed


Connected wrist, bed

Style: Connected wrist, bed
Cuff Dimensions: 12"L x 2½"W (30 cm x 6 cm)
Strap Length: 32"L (81 cm)
Qty.:  1 set

RECOMMENDED USE: For combative, agitated patients; to prevent disruption of life saving treatment or injury.

  • Neoprene Cuffs protect patient's skin.
  • Connected ankle (red) and wrist (blue) restraint cuffs for a bed or stretcher.
  • Designed to be left in place until ready for use. Ankle cuffs may also be used on larger wrists.
  • Connecting straps (2794, 2795, 2795L) lock to a bed, and two universal Posey keys are included with each set.
  • Connecting straps (2796 and 2797) attach to a stretcher with hook and loop.
  • Machine washable.
LTM Product Category: 
Unassisted Bed Exit
Disruption of Medical Treatment